Top 10 Heated Dog Beds

2016 ┬áHeated Dog Bed Reviews There are many different kinds of dog beds in the market today. Sometimes, the variety of dog beds closely resembles that of the diverse nature of human beds. From orthopedic beds, outdoor heated dog beds, memory foam beds, to heated dog beds, there are simply too many options to choose […]

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Best Dog Bed For Arthritic Dogs

how to treat dog with arthritis

What is the Best Dog Bed for Dogs with Arthritis? Arthritis in dogs is a condition whereby the joints become stiff or inflamed and can no longer provide the much-needed range of motion to allow the dog to move efficiently and comfortably. This results to their inability to walk or run normally, which may be […]

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Consumer Myths Dispelled: Orthopedic Benefits of Heated Pet Beds Revealed

medical benefits od a heated dog bed

Here at, we like to provide our readers with more than a product to buy, instead, we prefer to educate them first, on why we are recommending a particular product or product type so that are able to make an educated decision. We have a dedicated section on our website for heated pet beds, […]

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