What are the Best Dog Bed for Chewers? Chew Proof Dog Bed Review

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Best Chew Proof Dog Bed

indestructible dog beds for chewersLike beloved and cherished members of the family, dogs need their human masters’ attention and compassionate caring. Unlike cats that are known to be quite independent, dogs thrive on social relationships. In fact, this is what makes them as social animals. It is also for this reason that responsible dog owners must be able to provide their pets with a comfortable place to rest and sleep. Just as humans need beds that are naturally comfortable and conforms to the contour of the body to provide a really restful sleep, dogs too require beds that have certain characteristics that will aid their bodies grow and develop much better.Today we will go over what are the best chew proof dog bed and where you can find  the best deals.

Unfortunately, dogs are inherently programmed to chew on things whether it is a toy, your furniture, or even their dog bed. They may have a very comfortable bed with which to rest their tired bodies, but if the dog bed is simply not sturdy enough to withstand the chewing habits of certain dogs, then the comfort will be short-lived and the more that the dog will be frustrated.

It is for this reason that dog owners must be able to choose the right dog bed especially if they have an aggressive chewer in their homes.

Dog Beds for Aggressive Chewers

best dog toys for strong chewersIf you have an aggressive chewer at home, then you will really need a dog bed that can stand up to the chewing and gnawing off your beloved pooch. This requires choosing dog beds that are made of high quality, high grade, and very durable materials usually synthetic heavily-reinforced nylon fabrics or heavy-duty vinyl fabrics. While some dog owners may choose to get the traditional mattress type of dog bed, a raised or elevated dog bed is generally considered a lot better when it comes to providing comfort for dogs that are really aggressive chewers. This cot style of dog beds is made of durable construction and can be placed both indoors and outdoors. The frame is made of high-grade aluminum or stainless steel frame which gives it the durability that can last many years.

Excellent examples of dog beds for aggressive chewers include Kuranda’s All-Aluminum Chewproof Dog Bed and Walnut PVC Chewproof Dog Bed made of either vinyl weave or Cordura nylon weave. K9 Ballistics’ Chew Proof Aluminum Cujo Cot and Coolaroo’s Steel-framed Pet Bed are also excellent. These are all cot types of dog beds. KONG’s Chew-resistant Heavy-Duty Pillow Bed and K9 Ballistic’s Round Tuff Dog Bed are excellent choices for dog owners who prefer the traditional mattress type of bed for their dogs.

Durable Dog Beds for Chewers

what are some durable dog bedsKuranda’s aircraft-grade aluminum frame makes it highly durable even for the most aggressive of chewers. Its ballistic nylon fabric offers excellent durability and its construction exposes no fabric corners for aggressive chewers to focus their nibbling and chewing habits on. For dog owners who don’t like aluminum, they can get Kuranda’s PVC frame instead. This cot style of dog bed is durable and can be made of heavy-duty vinyl fabric or an equally durable and chew-resistant Cordura synthetic nylon fabric.

K9 Ballistic’s Aluminum Cujo Cot is one of the most durable cot style dog beds around. Its patented rip stops ballistic nylon fabric with super-reinforced seams on a high-grade indestructible aluminum frame makes it an all-weather dog bed that can survive even the most tenacious chewers on the planet. Coolaroo’s cot dog bed is not made of nylon but rather high-density polyethylene fabric. Its powder-coated steel frame can further enhance its durability. It’s dog bed fabric prevents hot spots, especially during the hot summer months.

KONG has always been known for its durable dog products especially its KONG dog toys. The company has also ventured into dog beds offering the world its chew-resistant heavy-duty pillow bed made of the same indestructible and high-grade durable materials that KONG products are known the world over.

Aggressive Chewer Dog Toys

dog chewing bedOne way to help your dog not chew his bed is to give him durable dog toys. He can chew on his dog toys even while resting in his bed. At the very least, his attention is on his toys and not on his bed. Experts agree that the best dog toys for aggressive chewers are those made of solid rubber construction. Alternatively, fibrous yet strong rope style of dog toys can also be given to aggressive chewers. However, it should be understood that even so-called indestructible dog toys are no match for a dog’s sheer determination, willpower, and extreme boredom. This is why it is always a must that dog owners keep a watchful eye on their dogs especially if small parts are beginning to fall off from the dog toy.

Nevertheless, KONG dog toys have always been recognized as the world’s leader when it comes to durable and indestructible dog toys. This is especially true with their Extreme Ball, Wubba, and Blue Toy models. Jolly Pets’ Romp-n-Roll Ball and Tug ‘n Toss Jolly Ball, Goughnuts’ Original Dog Chew Ring, Ruff Dawg’s Flavored Rubber Bone Dog Chew Toy, and Multipet’s Nuts for Knots Heavy-duty Rope Dog Toy with Tug are also excellent choices.

Nylon Dog Beds for Chewers

The compact molecular structure of nylon copolymers gives nylon fabrics its unprecedented durability especially in terms of resistance to weathering, sunlight, heat, and abrasion. The high tenacity fibers of nylon have been used in the manufacture of seat belts, ballistic cloth, and tire cords as well as other uses where maximum durability and strength are desired properties. Dog beds that use nylon as the primary material in their construction are generally considered the most durable, nearly indestructible types of dog beds.

Ballistic nylon offers the greatest durability in dog bed materials. Its 2×2 basket weave pattern gives ballistic nylon its unparalleled durability against punctures, fraying, chewing, tearing, and scuffing. It can withstand repeated washings in addition to rough use. Cordura is a brand of synthetic nylon that combines optimum strength and durability with comfort and softness. It is similar to ballistic nylon but has the added property of softness to allow optimum comfort for any dog. Both Kuranda and K9 Ballistics use nylon in their dog beds and as such provide the best choice for dog owners who have aggressive chewers.

Chew Resistant Dog Bed

chew proof dog bedsThe best chew-resistant dog bed is one that is made of high-grade durable construction. While there are those that will favor a mattress type of dog bed, most serious dog owners of aggressive chewers recommend the cot style of dog bed especially those that are made of a high-grade aluminum frame. Ballistic nylon fabrics such as those in K9 Ballistics and Kuranda dog beds offer the greatest value in terms of strength and durability. If comfort is an important consideration, then choosing a dog bed that is made of Cordura nylon or even high-density polyethylene fabric will be excellent choices.

Giving your dog a bed with which it can rest is a must. However, it is also crucial to think about the strength and durability of his dog bed so that you don’t necessarily have to replace his dog bed every so often. Alternatively, you may want to use an ordinary mattress type of dog bed but be sure to give your dog a durable, indestructible, dog toy for him to chew on. Finally, choose quality products, whether it be a chewer or a dog bed. For as long as these are made up of high-quality durable materials, you are assured of your money spent wisely. Choosing the best for your furry friend makes a happy and healthy dog.