How To Choose Between Wet & Dry Dog Food

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The Growing Debate on Dog Kibbles versus Wet Dog Food

Everyone knows that a healthy body always starts with good and excellent nutrition. Coupled with fresh clean water, the nutrients derived from food serves not only as fuel for the body but also provide the all-important building blocks to form, grow, and develop tissues and organs. All living organisms require good nutrition, even your pet dog. Well, especially your pet dog.

However, there is a continuing debate among dog owners as to what type of dog food is best for their respective pets. Some would argue that wet dog food is the best since it closely resembles what dogs eat in the wild. However, there are also those prefer kibbles or dry dog food primarily for its convenience. However you decide, the most important thing to consider at the end of the day is the quality of food you are giving your dog.

Giving your Dog Wet Food

choosing wet dog foodProponents of wet dog food say that this is the best food for your pet. It is naturally rich in moisture that aids in the better digestion and absorption of his food in his gastrointestinal tract. Additionally, the moisture in the wet dog food provides the needed water for dogs which is also important in maintaining optimal cellular metabolism and tissue functioning. As such, wet dog food is often indicated in dogs who simply do not want to drink or are too weak to drink.

Wet dog foods emit a smell that is considered more pleasant. This makes it ideal for dogs that have problems with their olfactory senses or those with diminished senses. Furthermore, since the food is moist and does not require biting and forceful chewing, it is considered an excellent choice for dogs that have missing teeth, have problems in their dentition, have structural abnormalities in their jaws, or the size of their mouths are simply too small to chow down on kibbles or dry dog food.

However, the moisture content of wet dog food means that it can spoil easily. Once opened it needs to be consumed at once. If not, it needs to be refrigerated to be used within a few days, lest it spoils and goes down the trash. Additionally, the moist dog food can increase the risk of dental problems among dogs that are highly vulnerable to dental diseases.

Giving your Dog Dry Food or Kibbles

should you feed your dog kibblesOne of the unique advantages of dry dog food is that you can just put them in his food bowl and leave it for several days without having to worry about spoiling. Moisture from the dog food has been eliminated so spoiling is not a concern. Furthermore, dry dog food is excellent for the teeth as well as the overall oral health of dogs. It can also be used as a treat for training your dog.

Unfortunately, the absence of moisture means you have to make sure your dog has access to plenty of clean fresh water. Additionally, if your dog is sick it may not be a good idea to give him dry dog food because he will be too weak to bite and chew on kibbles.

Now, which are you going to choose? Both are packed with nutrients your dog needs. The only advantage of wet dog food is that it contains water or moisture so it is excellent for recuperating dogs. However you eventually choose is actually up to you.