Consumer Myths Dispelled: Orthopedic Benefits of Heated Pet Beds Revealed

medical benefits od a heated dog bed
Heated Dog Beds how to

Orthopedic Benefits of Heated Pet BedsHere at, we like to provide our readers with more than a product to buy, instead, we prefer to educate them first, on why we are recommending a particular product or product type so that are able to make an educated decision. We have a dedicated section on our website for heated pet beds, but we felt the need to explain to pet owners the benefits of providing their pets with a heated bed and what you should look for before purchasing a heated bed for your dog

Heated pet beds are far more beneficial than just a warm bed to lay on a cold winter night,as they provide a much more beneficial purpose and serve medicinal healing and soothing for an aging pet and for pets with health conditions.

What is osteoarthritis?

dogs with joint problemsArthritis (i.e. joint inflammation) can have a variety of causes. Prior trauma, degenerative disease, developmental disorders, and infection are just some of the most common causes for a painful joint. Although most people think “old dog” when they hear the word arthritis, it affects all sorts of pets, of all ages.
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Heat Beds Provide Relief from Arthritis and Joint Disorders
As discussed earlier in the post arthritis can have a variety of causes and medically speaking is the common term used to describe a condition that veterinarians classify as joint disease. Without getting too scientific, arthritic conditions may be broken down or dissected into inflammatory and non-inflammatory types. Common signs or symptoms of an inflammatory disease may include joint pain and swelling. while symptoms of the non-inflammatory joint disease are classified as joint degeneration.

Signs that your dog could benefit from a heated dog bed

  • Has trouble jumping
  • Trouble getting up after laying down for a period of time
  • Cannot run smoothly and grimaces when running
  • Their movements are not fluid and walk stiffly
  • Cracking of bones or joints when getting up or running

Final Conclusion on why you should choose a heated bed for your dog

Now that we have covered the medical conditions and ailments that affect aging dogs, let’s get into some of the mainstay benefits that a heated dog bed may provide. Although they range a little higher in cost compared to a non-heated or traditional dog bed, a heated bed can help soothe an arthritic pet’s stiff joints and loosen his tight muscle,because of their orthopedic features which provide additional support for your pet’s entire body, which can allow him to sleep more comfortably.

Heat Can Help Soothe Pain of Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia in dogsAnother chronic medical illnesses that may strike an aging dog is a hip dysplasia, which is a condition in which an animal’s ball-and-socket hip joints do not fit together properly.

Hip dysplasia is an inherited condition resulting from an improperly formed hip joint. Because the joint is loose, the dog’s leg bone moves around too much, causing painful wear and tear.Some cases of hip dysplasia are so mild there are no symptoms, but if your dog seems stiff or sore in the hips when getting up, if he seems hesitant to exercise, stand on his hind legs or climb stairs, or if he’s limping or bunny-hopping, a visit to the vet is in order.

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Now onto the last condition on our list which are dogs with back problems. Dogs who were hit by a car or suffered a fall may have been diagnosed with a spinal injury or your dog may have been born with a medical condition in their spine, such as intervertebral disk disease and may find a heated dog bed as orthopedic and a good solution for a =good nights rest as well as aid them in getting into a comfortable position to fall asleep in.

Aging dogs also find great benefits with using a heated bed as they distribute heat throughout your dog’s core body allowing for better circulation and warming of their joints which may also help with improving flexibility.

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